Terraria Turtle Armor | How to Get

You have to get durable if you want to survive as a melee character in Terraria. The game offers a bunch of armor specifically designed to be tanky, and then there’s the Turtle Armor. This armor set is the king of the mid-game tank armor set. It’s designed to not only take damage, but to dish it right back out. While it is not the best armor in the book, you’ll be very happy while it’s relevant! Let’s learn how to throw it together.

How to Get Turtle Armor in Terraria

Terraria Turtle Armor

In order to make Turtle Armor in Terraria, you’ll have to get to Hardmode by slaying the Wall of Flesh in Hell. Once the Wall is defeated, will need to defeat the three Mechanical Bosses – The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime – to unlock Chlorophyte Ore. This green-ish ore can be smelted into bars needed in the set’s recipe. You’ll need 54 Chlorophyte Bars and 3 Turtle Shells to create the full Turtle Armor set.

The separate pieces of the armor are as follows:

  • Helmet (12 Chlorophyte Bars, 1 Turtle Shell): 21 armor, 6% melee damage, more aggro
  • Chest, or Scale Mail (24 Bars, 1 Shell): 27 armor, 8% melee damage and crit chance, more aggro
  • Leggings (18 Bars, 1 Shell): 17 armor, 4% melee crit chance, more aggro

Remember that these can only be crafted at a Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum anvil.

In total, the Turtle Armor set gives 65 defense, 14% melee damage, 12% melee crit chance, much more aggro, and 15% damage reduction. If that wasn’t enough, you deal double the damage taken from melee attacks back at the attacker. This makes it a fairly viable mid-game armor set. However, you have to be tanky! Make sure you have a lot of health before running into the fray.

This armor can be upgraded to the Beetle Armor set. In order to get this set, you’ll need to farm Beetle Husks. The Beetle Armor loses the massive amount of thorns, and replaces it with either better offensive or defensive statistics. It is a very worthwhile trade.

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