Terraria Water Walking Boots | How to Get

Terarria, normally considered to be the sister game to Minecraft, has players building, crafting, and exploring a vast 2D world. While these two games are similar, there are a few things about them that make them different. One of these is movement. While it’s easy to swim in the world of Minecraft, in Terarria, you sink like a rock. Without an item like the flipper, you won’t be able to traverse water. Furthermore, the lack of boats makes crossing water difficult. Luckily, there are the Water Walking Boots.

How to Get Water Walking Boots in Terraria

Terraria Water Walking Boots Location

The best way to find Water Walking Boots in Terraria is through Ocean Crates and Water Chests, as both have a 9% chance of containing the boots.

To find an Ocean Crate, start making your way to the ocean. Once there, equip your fishing rod, and start fishing. If you’re lucky, you’ll fish out an Ocean Crate. The crate contains a few things that might be of use to you, but there’s a 9% chance you’ll find some water walking boots inside. If you’re playing on hard mode, you’ll pull out a Seaside Crate instead of an Ocean Crate.

On the other hand, finding a Water Chest is also fairly easy. They’re submerged under the surface of water pools over 250 tiles. They can be found most commonly in the ocean, or in rare cases, underground, or in floating lakes.

Once you’ve found the Water Walking Boots, you can equip them on your character, which will give you the ability to walk on water. If you’ve never used them, they’re very useful for traversing the world. However, they can be upgraded into something more powerful, Lava Waders.

These take the properties of the Water Walking Boots and allow you to walk on lava. While you can’t submerge yourself in lava with the Lava Waders, you do have a short amount of time where you’re invulnerable to the damage the lava deals. If you’re looking to upgrade to the Lava Waders, combine a Molten Charm and the Obsidian Rose with the Water Walking Boots in the Tinkerer’s Workshop to make the waders. If you’re on console or mobile, you only need the molten charm.

With the boots equipped, you’ll be traversing the world a lot easier.

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