The Ascent Achievements List | How to Unlock Them All

The Ascent offers players the simple cyberpunk gameplay that we’ve missed for a long time. Crashing through room after room with miniguns, assault rifles, and future tech has never looked or felt this good! This twin-stick shooter has a rather impressive list of achievements, and The Ascent makes sure all of them are interesting to get. The following is a list of all of the achievements, and a few of them can be very hard to get.

The Ascent Achievements List

The Ascent achievements list

The following achievement lists are separated in two different categories; non-secret and secret, so you can avoid spoilers if you want to!

Non-Secret Achievements List

  • Added Extras: Equip 2 Augmentations, 1 Module.
  • Aficionado: Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Anonymous Withdrawal: Hack an ATM.
  • Black ICE: Deploy black ICE against a hacker.
  • Bounty Hunter: Complete a bounty.
  • Comprehensive: Complete the Codex.
  • Curious Consumer: Read 10 Datapads.
  • Do Over: Reset your proficiencies once.
  • Drop Your Weapon: Force an enemy to drop a grenade.
  • Explorer: Discover all locations.
  • Extreme Overcharge: Deliver 4000 damage to an enemy stuck in stasis.
  • Fair Trade: Sell something.
  • Fight Smart: Kill a robot with Energy Damage.
  • Flatliner: Unlock all enemy codex entries.
  • For Both Our Benefits: Complete all side missions.
  • Free Candy: Hack and destroy a Vending Machine.
  • Fullchrome: Equip augmentations and upgrade attributes to become Fullchrome.
  • Getting Out of the Slums: Get 200,000 uCreds.
  • Getting Things Done: Complete 1 Side Mission.
  • Helping Hand: Revive a friend.
  • Hygiene: Use a Sink after flushing a Toilet.
  • Omnihacker: Hack every hackable category.
  • Opportunist: Kill 10 enemies via Exploding Barrel.
  • Overkill: Kill an enemy by overcharging another enemy who is in stasis.
  • Sashimi: Die via katana.
  • Self Improvement: Allocate 3 Skill Points.
  • Snooze or Lose: Try Snooze.
  • Suicidal: Die 100 times.
  • Teamwork: Start a co-op session.
  • Tourist: Ride the Interlink Express.
  • We’re Just Getting Started: Kill 1 Enemy.

Secret Achievements

The Ascent achievements list

Most of the Secret Missions are story-related. Even an achievement like Appreciation will be unlocked the moment that you reach that point in the story.

  • A New Friend: Complete Trading Places.
  • Appreciation: Get Praise from Kira.
  • Data Digging: Complete Data Miner.
  • Everyone’s A Smuggler: Complete Trace Protocol.
  • Magenta Power: Complete Syntax Error.
  • Mnemonic Hunt: Complete Foreign Code.
  • Next Level AI: Upgrade your IMP.
  • Nothing Personal: Complete Recompile.
  • Party Crashed: Complete Mutual Dependencies.
  • Power Hungry: Complete Empowerment.
  • Protocol 61A: Complete Project MenShen#1.
  • Severed Board: Complete Board Meeting.
  • Something Out There: Complete Project MenShen#2.
  • What Just Happened: Complete Arcology Blues.
  • Win: Complete all Main Missions.

Difficult Achievements

Some of these achievements can be a bit tricky to tackle. If you want help with a couple of them, we’ve listed some that we had trouble with below.

  • Snooze or Lose: Head to Stimtown and go to the bottom level. Head to Wanda’s (The pink building), and a guy will ask if you want some Snooze. Accept it to get the achievement! This shouldn’t negatively effect your character in the long run.
  • Drop Your Weapon: Damage an enemy before they throw their grenade at you. Common enemies that throw grenades include The Joggers or Turbo Thugs.
  • Bounty Hunter: Bounties are actually enemies that spawn across the map. They are named and marked enemies that you’ll always be able to see. Defeat them, and then pick up their bounty that drops afterwards. Then, bring the bounty to a bartender.
  • Extreme Overcharge: Exploding enemies have a damage threshold. Purchase the Stasis Drone Tactical Tool in Cluster 13 and find a large enemy that you can freeze in stasis. This achievement is easiest with fully upgraded weapons on high-level Brutes.
  • Fullchrome: This seems to have minimal consensus online. Upgrade your Attributes, equip augmentations and modules, and you should get it by endgame. For now, it’s safe to say you’ll need quite a few attribute points for this achievement!
  • Omnihacker: There are 5 Hackable categories; Doors, Chests, ATM, Turrets, Other (Like Vending Machines). Run through a quest, and try to hack one of each thing. In order to do this, you’ll need 8 Cyberdeck Upgrades so you can hack ATMs.
  • Overkill: This works best against early-game swarms of melee enemies. Freeze one with stasis and blow it up near the others!

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