The Ascent Mission List | How Many Missions Are There?

The team over at Neon Giant has packed a lot of content into The Ascent. Behind unlockable doors, around dark corners, and beyond city limits, there are plenty of things to do before you reach the endgame. Part of the conclusion relies on completing the missions, but how many are there exactly? We have a brief guide detailing the game’s main and side mission list.

How Many Missions Are in The Ascent?

The Ascent Mission List Guide with Poone

For now, there are 32 missions for players to complete in The Ascent. Future DLC will likely add more missions to the list, but there are 32 total as things stand now.

Of that number, 12 are main missions, and the other 20 are optional side missions. The main missions are essentially given to you as you progress through the story. To find the side missions, approach any NPC with the Side Mission icon over them: A yellow square in the shape of a diamond. This can only be commenced after you speak to Poone for the first time in person upon completing the first main mission. The game will then trigger the Side Mission tutorial, beginning with a friend of Poone’s.

If you need an overview of the missions, here are two separate lists that you can rely on:

Main Missions:

  1. Arcology Blues
  2. Mutual Dependencies
  3. Trading Places
  4. Empowerment
  5. Data Miner
  6. Foreign Code
  7. Trace Protocol
  8. Syntax Error
  9. Recompile
  10. Board Meeting
  11. Root Access
  12. Unhandled Exception

Side Missions:

  1. Gear Up!
  2. Anabolic Express
  3. Balls Deep
  4. Bubble Trouble
  5. Double Charge
  6. Humidity Doctor
  7. Silicon Optics
  8. One More Rep
  9. Lost and Found
  10. The Dark Horse
  11. Exotic Dinner
  12. Prison Break
  13. Wash-N’-Go
  14. Casino Courier
  15. Gen 9 H20
  16. You Snooze You Lose
  17. Plug & Play
  18. The Recipe
  19. The Champ
  20. That Guy

An eager completionist can easily spend more than 20 hours if they want to 100% The Ascent. Ultimately, this includes unlocking additional skills and upgrades, exploring areas, going through the complete mission list, and more. One of the more challenging item hunts in The Ascent involves reading the Codex entries, which can be found nearly anywhere. Luckily, many of the items are highlighted, and you can quickly loot them if you have a friend or two in your session.

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