The Ascent New Game Plus | Will it Be Added?

The Ascent has only been out for less than a week, and players are already hungry for more gameplay. It doesn’t take long to complete the main campaign; if you’re playing with friends, you’re most likely done with the game already. But what happens once you reach the endgame? Is there more to explore on Veles with new game plus? Keep reading for the answers you’re looking for.

Does The Ascent Have New Game Plus?

Does The Ascent have New Game Plus?

Unfortunately, there is no new game plus mode in The Ascent. You simply return to Cluster 13 with unfinished opportunities awaiting you. Any remaining Side Missions will still be available, and you’ll have every asset you’ve collected throughout your cyberpunk journeys. If you don’t want to engage in single-player mode, you can always host or join a session through multiplayer.

New game plus is essentially an upgraded gaming mode that amps up the original gameplay. It can only be unlocked after the players finish the core game. Some features may be added in early to compensate for tougher enemies, as well as maintaining certain progress. This unlockable mode is prominently featured in role-playing games.

While a new game plus feature isn’t a part of The Ascent, you can continue leveling up your character. This also goes hand-in-hand with experimenting with different weapons, augmentations, tactical items, and cyberdeck upgrades. As aforesaid, players can always host or join a session with up to four players in total. If you can’t find a crew online to assemble, there’s also a local co-op mode that you can utilize. However, there is the word of a multiplayer bug that prevents players from linking up with one another. Although this issue might be resolved very soon, it’s important to keep this in mind when trying to connect with friends.

Even though new game plus is absent from this title, there’s still a lot to explore in Veles’ open-world infrastructure. Whether it involves tracking down all of the cyberdeck upgrades, bounties, and Side Missions, there’s no shortage of content when you reach the endgame.