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Black Iron Prison (B.I.P.) is a place for no living human to endure, let alone Jacob Lee in The Callisto Protocol. Due to an unfortunate biological outbreak, our protagonist finds himself trapped in space with creatures lurking around every corner. Evidently, with almost any biological trouble, the creatures come in different forms. From the commonplace regular biophages to the more intense mutated types, Jacob Lee is going to have to tread carefully in Black Iron Prison. With this in mind, it’s important to acknowledge the enemy types that appear in The Callisto Protocol.

All Enemy Types in The Callisto Protocol

All Enemy Types in The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol features 13 distinctive enemies that both patrol and plague Black Iron Prison. This includes both the Prison security systems and the biophages, along with the bosses that Jacob encounters in the game. Each should be approached in a different way that requires strategy and timing, coupled with deadly attacks to ultimately bring the infected down. We’ll briefly go over the enemy types that you’ll run into in The Callisto Protocol across its 8-chapter narrative.

Black Iron Prison Humans and Systems

Black Iron Prison Humans and Systems

B.I.P. Inmate – The only normal enemy type that exists on Callisto. These prisoners are under heavy surveillance and are subject to death if they choose to violate any rule while incarcerated. They first occur at the beginning of the game, when Jacob (the player) is shown a few gameplay hints regarding combat before moving on to the biophage foes.

B.I.P. Security Units – Mainly acting as patrolling bots, the Black Iron Prison security system relies on machines to police the space jail. They have no mercy by any means; any inmate-in-escape who is caught is then immediately met with deadly force. Melee attacks will not work against these man-made machines, so be sure to watch your step around these mechanical adversaries. It’s best to attack these units once you acquire a weapon (such as the Skunk Gun and Tactical Pistol).

Biophage Enemy Types

Biophage Enemy Types

Larvae – The baby of the biophage outbreak family, this miniature creature greatly resembles a face-hugger from the Alien franchise. This little guy can be swift with their movements, ready to spring a scare into you, followed by the expected french-kiss attack that can lead to death. Be wary of closed spaces; one of the meaty critters could always be hiding.

Regular Infected/Grunt – Expect to see this variant on multiple occasions. The regular breed of biophage infected stir from the inmate and prison guards who unfortunately met their demise with an infection. In other words, they’re the more common foes that Jacob will have to fight against.

Bloated – The Bloated variants are more evolved than the regular infected in the game. They require more firepower and persistence from the player, thus raising the stakes just a bit higher than the commonplace chaos in the prison. It’s important to upgrade your arsenal at any convenient Reforge with any acquired Energy Converters if you’re going up against the tougher enemy types in The Callisto Protocol.

Mutated – Tentacles play a big part in this enemy type. When a tentacle is exposed for a long period of time, the biophage can then mutate. It’ll administer more fierce strikes toward Jacob, and its health is considerably higher once it ultimately transforms. Pop the head off then finish it off with your choice of attack.

Bloodworm – An elongated figure of flesh and blood, the Bloodworm reminds us of the lengthy human head form from John Carpenter’s The Thing. These grotesque beings specialize in jump scares, springing into terrifying action before Jacob can even realize it. Before you know it, he has a Bloodworm biting at him without any warning or prep time. A good ole repeated stab to the neck will bring the creature down before it has a chance of sucking you into its hole.

Big Mouth – The spitters of the infected. They initially like to keep their distance from you since they’re capable of projecting acidic spit onto Jacob. Blowing off their twin-jointed heads will cease the acid from further accumulation, though the player will still have to take care of them thereafter.

Corrupter – Agile, swift, ferocious – these perfectly describe the four-legged creature known as the Corrupter. It possesses a tendency to spook Jacob within areas that contain low visibility. In other words, keep your eyes peeled when delving deeper into the shadows. They also seem to appear near webbed-up sections of the prison, thus hinting at their involvement with the malformed appearance.

The Blind – As one would assume from the name of this monster, The Blind solely relies on sound. They contain no eyes, yet they still harbor the same bloodthirsty mannerisms as their fellow deformed brethren. Stealth is the ideal approach here since they aren’t able to spot you. However, if you get too close, you might find yourself fending off more than one down a corrupted hallway.

Combuster – In terms of wiping out essential foes first on the field, eliminating the Combusters would be highly strategic. Not only will they charge at you without halt but their suicidal-esque attacks are enough to knock you to the ground. This provides an opportunity for other biophage variants to attack Jacob. Therefore, ensure that these little exploders are dealt with before moving on to other foes in the heat of trouble.

Biophage Bosses

The Callisto Protocol Enemy Types Biophage Bosses

SPOILER WARNING: One of The Callisto Protocol enemy types here deals with an endgame boss battle. Minimal plot details will be discussed when exploring the unique biophage in question. Please read at your discretion.

Two-Headed Brute – While not traditionally displayed as a boss fight, combating a Two-Headed Brute offers a more severe challenge. Distinctively conjoined by two infected humans, the Two-Headed Brute packs more power and force than the standard grunt. Jacob will first encounter one at end of the Below chapter when riding on a fast-moving platform. Keep your dodge button at the ready; a single blow from a Two-Head should not be underestimated.

Leon Ferris – Without going into much detail for storytelling purposes, Leon Ferris comes into contact with the biophage pathogen. However, instead of turning into a savage, fleshy fiend, he maintains part of his humanity, coupled with superhuman strength. Jacob will encounter him a couple of times throughout the game before the end eventually comes to a screaming halt. And we mean that in the literal sense: Ferris eventually mutates into an abomination, which then commences the final boss battle of The Callisto Protocol.

And there you have it! These are the 13 different enemy types of the biophage outbreak in The Callisto Protocol. Of course, they only get stronger thanks to the recent addition of New Game Plus. Just be sure to always stay vigilant; you never know when an infected foe is ready to surprise you in the dark.

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