The Callisto Protocol Float Like A Butterfly Trophy | How to Get

How can Jacob Lee float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in The Callisto Protocol? The achievement/trophy requires the player to perform five perfect dodges, a maneuver that can greatly sustain your current health by avoiding enemy attacks. By the time you reach Chapter 2 of the Outbreak sequence, the game will teach you how to block. While it may seem ideal to dodge in a certain way when it comes to blocking, there’s a trick to doing a perfect one in the game.

How to Get the Float Like A Butterfly Trophy in The Callisto Protocol

How to Get the Float Like a Butterfly Trophy in The Callisto Protocol

Instead of dodging backward, evade an enemy attack by moving to the left or right at the last second. A sense of euphoria will commence, slowing down the action that’ll help you focus on your next move. Perform this defensive movement five times to unlock the Float Like A Butterfly achievement/trophy. Xbox owners will receive 20 Gamerscore; PlayStation users will obtain a silver trophy.

Going up against a few enemies might make this endeavor rather difficult to complete. Instead of going head-on into combat, concentrate your attention on singular foes to perform a perfect dodge. Memorizing some of their patterns will help, but it’s essentially at the last second that the game registers a flawless evasion. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to get the achievement/trophy fairly early during your progression.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your health when standing up to enemies, naturally. A quick ambush is enough to set you back momentarily, which the creatures will utilize if you allow them to. In addition to collecting schematics and items for the Reforge station, a good chunk of the violence comes through the melee. It’s good to keep this vast trick in the back of your head before one of the enemies has a chance to bite it clean off.

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