The Callisto Protocol Gets First Gameplay Trailer

It’s one thing to tease a game’s title and cinematics, it’s a much bigger thing to actually show how it plays. There have been many game announcements and showcases in recent weeks with lots of titles drawing an audience. Among them is the highly anticipated game The Callisto Protocol, created by Glen Schofield, the mind behind Dead Space. As such, it’s a sci-fi horror game that was announced at the Sony State of Play Showcase on June 2nd. Since then, a lot of discussion has surrounded the game in terms of content and gameplay as well as connections to other games. As it stands, The Callisto Protocol is scheduled for release later this year on December 2nd for PlayStation.

The Callisto Protocol Play

The Dead Space series is one of the most well-known sci-fi collections out there which helped establish Schofield’s reputation. From that he has created the visually impressive The Callisto Protocol. Very little was previously known about the game aside from its genre and tone. Thankfully, the latest video showcases some of the game’s mechanics and gameplay. Check out the new video in the embed above.

The game is presented as a slow-paced horror experience with a third-person perspective set in an unknown futuristic environment. The player controls a lone protagonist as they navigate the area while confronting terrifying alien creatures that seem to have consumed the area. It also showcases gunplay as well as close combat moves and devastating finishers.

Since the game was announced, there has been a lot of speculation about it. One of the biggest discussions revolved around its connection to the popular battle royale title, PUBG. Schofield headed up Striking Distance Studios, so it’s possible The Callisto Protocol could be set in the PUBG universe. However, in a recent tweet Schofield definitively stated that there is no connection between the two titles.

Much of Dead Space‘s influence is apparent in The Callisto Protocol in terms of lighting, mutated enemies, and gory encounters. As a result, players are already getting ready for the game to drop at the start of December later this year just in time for the holiday season.