The Callisto Protocol Skunk Gun | How to Get

Jacob Lee is going to need an arrangement of weapons to defend himself against enemies in The Callisto Protocol. Aside from the baton and pistol that he can wield, he can also scoop up schematics to acquire more weapons. One in particular is the Skunk Gun, a shotgun pistol that can get you out of a sticky situation. Keep reading on to see how you can obtain this powerful weapon.

How to Get the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol

How to Get the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol

To get the Skunk Gun, you need to advance to level 3 for the Aftermath chapter, where Jacob needs to acquire the Gate Fuse. Instead of going toward the main objective for the utilization of the Gate Fuse, go back to the beginning area toward the D3 Basement Storage. There will be a door that you can unlock with the fuse item. A door will open with an accessible vent to crawl through. There, you’ll find the Skunk Gun schematic on a workbench.

This will be in an area where you are not generally looking. It’s behind a cage with the bench hiding within a wall, making this discovery a mission to endure. Since the player will be preoccupied with the Gate Fuse upon discovery, only the mission at hand is essential. That is until you can walk around a bit to see what’s around, with the Skunk Gun schematics in mind.

Also, you’ll need to print the Skunk Gun in order to use it at Reforge station. Seeing that this is technically a shotgun, it’s an excellent tool to keep on your side when fighting against the creatures. You’ll need 800 credits in order to ultimately unlock it.

The Skunk Gun is a deadly shotgun pistol that is labeled as “Skunkworks Shotgun ‘Skunk Gun'”. It comes with a low capacity for ammo that will definitely complement the damage output and stability, creating the suspected statistics to appear. Of course, the gun comes with upgrades, but that’s if you want to spend credits on improving one singular firearm.

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