The Callisto Protocol Tactical Pistol | How to Get

Chapter 6: Below of The Callisto Protocol has our protagonist, Jacob Lee, navigating through an underground section. This is the level where you eventually face Two-Head, the game’s first boss. While there are multiple areas to look through, one spot will provide you with the Tactical Pistol schematic. You’ll reasonably find this about halfway through your stay in Black Iron Prison.

How to Get the Tactical Pistol in The Callisto Protocol

How to Get the Tactical Pistol in The Callisto Protocol

During Chapter 6: Below, Jacob Lee can obtain the Tactical Pistol schematics after searching through an abandoned locker room. This room will contain the schematics in question on a desk across from the row of lockers.

To find this room, go through the infested tunnels of the Chapter until you reach a certain hallway with “don’t make a sound” graffiti. Abide by this warning, for there are a few enemies lurking in the shadows. Since the hallway splits into two, head left until you reach some metal scaffolding to vault over.

Once you make your way past the scaffolding, proceed just a bit further to find the locker room to the right. The Tactical Pistol schematic is sitting on the desk next to the openings in the room. Make sure that your inventory isn’t full so it can fit in your pocket until you find a Reforge station.

Your new UJC Special Ops “Tactical Pistol” will cost 600 credits for a fresh print. It’s powered by a high rate of fire that depends on low recoil, making this particular pistol quite handy for more focused shooting.

There are four additional upgrades that you can apply to the pistol:

  • Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade – Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellent to all ammunition for 300 credits
  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade – Alters the magazine well to accept high-capacity magazines for 900 credits
  • Stability Upgrade – Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil for 900 credits
  • TK33 “Burst Mode” – Adds alt-fire module with high-damage 5-round burst. Illegal on Earth and Luna for 3,600 credits

You’ll be able to scoop up this schematic before taking on Two-Head later on in Chapter 6. Be sure to equip your best weapons since this initial boss fight will prove to be vicious.

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