The Last of Us PC Port has been Delayed

Translating a game from one platform to another is never as easy as expected. That’s why delays are so commonplace. Well, another has appeared. The Last of Us was gearing up to come to PC in early March. However, it has been pushed back by almost a whole month due to the need for some extra polish. The game has new interest due to the HBO show pulling in the numbers as well as talks about a new game in the works. This PC port has a lot of anticipation behind it, as it will allow the story to reach a much wider audience.

PC will have to wait longer for The Last of Us

Narrative design in gaming was never the same once The Last of Us came out for PlayStation in 2013. The series would spawn a sequel and most recently a TV series, but a PC version of the game has yet to appear. Though it was aiming for the 3rd of March, this date is now the 28th. According to Eurogamer, the devs working on the port state that it’s a matter of quality. They don’t want to release the game to old and new fans alike without making sure that it is in the “best shape possible”.

The Last of Us offers a whole new take on the zombie game, focusing on people rather than the zombies. The series takes place in a world where the cordyceps fungus grows out of control, taking over human brains. 20 years after the initial outbreak, the story follows the middle-aged smuggler Joel. He partners with Ellie, a teenage girl born several years after the initial outbreak. It’s a journey of loss, love, trust, sadness, and more, as the two fight against both humans and zombies.

The PC platform is arguably one of the most accessible which is why it’s so surprising that The Last of Us has yet to be playable on it. Though the PC release got a delay until March 28th, it is finally on the way.