The Long Dark Multiplayer | Is There Co-Op?

Surviving the cold, harsh Canadian wilderness alone in The Long Dark is a difficult task. Furthermore, times can get pretty lonely on your never-ending quest for survival. That’s why many players have been wondering if the game features multiplayer or co-op. After all, it would be a big help to on the struggle alongside your friends. After all, the game has been out for a while now, so has co-op been added?. Unfortunately, we have some bad news on that front.

Does The Long Dark Have Multiplayer or Co-Op?

Does The Long Dark Have Multiplayer Co-Op

The Long Dark does not have co-op or any form of multiplayer. It doesn’t seem like the game will get multiplayer features any time soon, either. According to developer Hinterland Studios’ support website, “The Long Dark was always intended as a single player experience, multiplayer doesn’t quite fit with the type of game we are trying to build.” The page goes on, saying, “Unfortunately at this time we don’t have plans to add a multiplayer or co-op mode to the game.”

With that in mind, and the game having been out for a while, it’s likely that The Long Dark will never get a multiplayer co-op mode. So, unfortunately, you’ll still have to take on the fight for your survival on your own. On the bright side, Hinterland Studios has stated that it will consider including it in future titles. However, those titles have yet to be announced. So, we’ll just have to wait until more information becomes available.

What we do know is that Hinterland Studios is masterful when it comes to creating immersive and gritty survival games, as evidenced by The Long Dark. A new game based on these premises with multiplayer co-op would undoubtedly be a success. That’s especially true for those who don’t want to go through another one of the studio’s games alone. But, for the time being, we’ll just have to wait and see what arrives at our door, and when.