The Open Beta Of MultiVersus Has Already Hit 10 Million Players

Since the release of Smash Bros. so many years ago, other companies have tried to capture that same brawling magic. Now, it appears that one may have finally succeeded. As a highly viewed title, MultiVersus has entered onto the scene in open beta. And despite that early access, the game is drawing millions of players to it. Though Warner Bros. isn’t known for producing mega hit games, their Smash-like title is commanding quite a presence. Though the first season of the game is expected to release this summer, people are already flocking to the beta while they can still get spots and practice for the matches to come.

MultiVersus, The Cartoon Smash-Like

Even though the game was announced just months ago, MultiVersus has made a big splash in the gaming world. Developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the online fighting game has been progressing smoothly and entered a stable beta. And in that time, over 10 million players have signed on to play the game. This bodes well for the developers. However, they’ll need to prepare for an even greater volume of players for the official launch.

Warner Bros. is one of the largest entertainment companies operating today with MultiVersus being evident of just how many properties they have. The game revolves around a clash of different universes and franchises being brought together in one spot. This includes a number of cartoon fictional characters, both comical and serious, who have been thrown into a multidimensional arena in order to fight it out. With some nice animation and solid controls, the game is quickly shaping up to be one of the more successful or at least intriguing smash-like titles available.

MultiVersus appeared on the radar last year and has been rapidly developing for launch supposedly some time in mid-August. Until that time comes, tons of players can satisfy themselves with the open beta that is showcasing some solid gameplay and intense competition that stands to get even more intense one the official competitive season begins.