The Oregon Trail Successor Wheels Onto PC and Switch

Some games are fun because they’re easy, while others are fun simply because they seem impossible. One such game is The Oregon Trail, a classic that tested many young gamers’ wits. Well, there’s a new kid in town — a so-called “successor” to the original breed — which is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC. This old-school game has gone through numerous transformations since its first release, but the latest mobile version became one of the most downloaded titles following its launch. Now, it’s ready to ford the river into your living room.

The Oregon Trail, Successor to the OG Soulslike

Just as computers were getting beyond displaying text, an unforgettable text-based adventure by MECC called The Oregon Trail appeared in 1971. Despite its success, sequels and remakes would not appear for years. However, the IP was never meant to lay dormant. And sure enough, The Oregon Trail has since made a return, albeit in a new form.

The new version of the game originally appeared on App Store in 2021 to rave reviews and massive downloads. However, at the time, it was limited to Apple devices. By making this available on Switch and PC, more players old and new will have a chance to experience what was once just green text on a screen. Even though there’s more to it than ever before, the charm and the challenge of the game evidently remain.

The realization that older games were more difficult isn’t groundbreaking. Still, there are many who cannot forget the harshness of The Oregon Trail. You lead a caravan consisting of four family members seeking a new life at the end of the infamous Oregon Trail. Just like the Soulslike games of today, it’s a game where even one small mistake can destroy your whole journey. You need to make sure that your family stays healthy and strong to complete the journey. You’ll frequently come across events where the wrong decision can decimate your resources, kill family members, or eliminate your caravan entirely. Thanks to the graphics and colors of the newer version, the game has lost the harshness of plain text.

The Oregon Trail lives again thanks to the devs at Gameloft and is looking for more trailblazers. Since it can be downloaded for Switch, console players can go on the road while on the go.