The Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch | How to duplicate items

What would a game be if it didn’t have a glitch or two, and The Outer Worlds is no different. Players have discovered a duplication glitch, which allows players to, well, duplicate items. With this glitch, you can duplicate your items and turn them into unlimited Bits. Here is everything you need to know about The Outer Worlds duplication glitch.

The Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch | How to duplicate items

The Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch

A new glitch has been discovered that is allowing players to duplicate their items, which can then be sold off for extra Bits. Sounds pretty convenient right? It’s also worth noting that any droppable item is eligible for the duplication glitch.

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To duplicate items in The Outer Worlds, simply follow the steps listed below.

  1. Travel to Edgewater (the duplicate item glitch will only work here)
  2. Find a porch or flat area outdoors that is easy to remember (close to a fast travel location will be best)
  3. Open up your inventory and drop all of the items you’d like to duplicate (keep it under 30 items)
  4. Leave the items there, open up your map, and fast travel to Edgewater
  5. Head back to where you dropped your items and pick them up
  6. Open up your map again and fast travel to Edgewater using the same spawn location
  7. Head back to where you dropped your items and you’ll find all the items that you just picked up sitting there again
  8. Pick them up again and you have now doubled your inventory using The Outer Worlds duplication glitch
  9. Rinse and repeat

Now that you know how to duplicate your items, there are a few things we’d like to point out. Sometimes when dropping a lot of items, the game can severely lag. To fix the, you’ll need to head back to your ship, then back to the drop location in Edgewater, and sell all of your duplicate items.

If that doesn’t seem to work, you can always reload a previous save and go from there. You also might be able to create a new save, head back to the main menu, and load the game again.

There is a good chance that The Outer Worlds duplication glitch will get patched in future updates, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can. Further, you should be able to use this glitch on all platforms.