The Outer Worlds Motion Sickness | How to Reduce

The Outer Worlds is one of the most prolific western RPGs made in the modern era. With the new Spacer’s Choice edition out, the game looks even better than ever before! That being said, some people have reported not feeling fantastic while playing the game. Motion sickness from The Outer Worlds is a fairly common response to the game’s default graphics settings. Even those who had never been motion sick while gaming before can fall victim to this one! Let’s talk about some of the ways that you can reduce discomfort while playing.

How to Reduce Motion Sickness in The Outer Worlds

How to Reduce Motion Sickness in The Outer Worlds

A very common cause of motion sickness in The Outer Worlds is chromatic aberration, a setting in Screen Effects. If that doesn’t work, check your FPS to make sure it is at 60, and disable motion blur. Then, you may want to disable your lateral or vertical headbob. Finally, make sure that your game is at a comfortable FOV, such as 90.

Chromatic aberration is a fairly unique setting in The Outer Worlds that is stuck in Screen Effects. While you used to need to mess with files to disable it, it has been added to the settings screen, so updated games will be able to disable it at will. This camera filter often causes headaches and motion sickness, and with how colorful this game is, it happens more frequently here.

From there, you’ll want to dig through various graphical options to ensure that your game runs smoothly and without as many filters. FPS set to 60 can make the game feel a bit smoother. Motion blur is a very common uncomfortable screen effect, for instance. The game’s way of handling “headbob” is another cause. You can disable this option, which might get in the way of your immersion. But, it will definitely make the game feel less like a rocking ship.

Field of View settings were also added to consoles, making it possible to adjust that in the settings. By default, the game has a rather narrow FOV. Shifting it to 90 will alleviate sickness. PC players who sit closer to their screens or those on displays with extended resolutions will want to adjust accordingly.