The Quarry Hard Pass Achievement | How to Get

The Quarry is pretty much any trophy hunter’s worst nightmare. With hundreds of possible endings and so many different narrative turns based on your actions, it’s very hard to see the entire thing. As such, not every achievement in the game will be within your grasp on the first playthrough, either. One such case is The Quarry‘s Hard Pass achievement, which while simple in concept, is causing players a lot of grief. Read on to see how to get the Hard Pass achievement in The Quarry.

How to Get the Hard Pass Achievement in The Quarry

How to Get the Hard Pass Achievement in The Quarry

On paper, getting the Hard Pass achievement in The Quarry sounds simple. After all, the only requirement is that you refuse Eliza’s help when she comes to you during the story mode. Worth 20 Gamerscore, it’s one that should pop fairly easily while you play, and isn’t necessarily missable. However, a pesky glitch is causing the trophy to not show up as achieved, even if you refuse Eliza help.

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to get the Hard Pass achievement in The Quarry, even if you meet the criteria. It’s hard to tell what’s causing the problem, though the good news is that 2K Games is aware of it. On June 20, 2K confirmed via Twitter that it was working on a fix, that should arrive in the first post-launch patch for The Quarry. There’s no ETA when to expect that, though it shouldn’t be too far in the future.

Nonetheless, it’s understandably a pain for trophy hunters playing The Quarry. While getting full 100% completion isn’t possible with one playthrough, it means any repeats of the story will require the player to choose that option again to pop the trophy once it is patched. Not only is that slightly inconvenient, but doing so likely closes a bunch of other narrative paths that you won’t then get to explore.

Therefore, the Hard Pass achievement in The Quarry is currently bugged. A fix shouldn’t be too far off, but until then it’s frustration for players.