The Sims 4 Could Be Adding Werewolves Soon

It’s been quite some time since The Sims 4 was released, but the developers are still finding ways to hype up players. Numerous sources are reporting that upcoming content could allow players to add werewolves into their simulated communities. A tweet sent from the official Sims account today offers a 14-second video showing off the latest roadmap. And, by all accounts, it seems that werewolves are the main focus of the upcoming DLC.

The Sims And The Supernatural

The newest video teaser depicts a Sim sitting on a couch late at night watching a random collection of scenes on television. Among them is an image of a clear night with a full moon. Shortly afterward, something in the distance howls. The final scene ends with the ambiguous words “Stay Up” and a message detailing a new Game Pack and two Kits arriving between May and June of 2022.

The end of the video clip describes a Game Pack and Kits to come soon in the following months. Now, while the former works like a standard Expansion that introduces a variety of elements and content, the latter are a bit more concentrated. Kits are smaller add-ons that can introduce both new game mechanics or new assets such as furniture or costumes.

At this time, it’s unclear what role werewolves will play in the game. It would be very exciting if the DLC introduced some sort of lycanthropy infection mechanic that spreads to other Sims. However, we don’t know if that’s the case. Alternatively, it could be something very simple, such as new makeup kits and wolf-themed apparel.

This isn’t the first time that The Sims series has touched on mystical subjects. For The Sims 3, an expansion pack simply named Supernatural was released for it in 2012. It allowed players to add a variety of supernatural beings including witches, vampires, and even werewolves. Despite its positive reception, The Sims hasn’t officially revisited supernatural themes until now.

The announcement has set The Sims 4 community on fire as players ponder what this means for the future Sims 4 content. However, they’ll have to use their best guesses until the answer finally arrives sometime in May or June.