The Sims 4 Creature Keeper | Where to Find

The new Sims 4 expansion Cottage Living has finally dropped! This is one of the more tame expansions to the Sims 4, but it comes with something that everyone can love: country animals! You can have your own farm, and you can still have some pretty awesome customization options. If you want the best out of Cottage Living, though, you’re going to want to meet Michael Bell, the Creature Keeper. He’s quite important, so let’s learn where he lives.

Where to Find the Creature Keeper in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Creature Keeper

The Creature Keeper is located in The Bramblewood, where he resides in a small cottage. The Bramblewood is on the outside of Henford-on-Bagley, and is almost storybook-like in nature. He does not live on a lot, so you’ll have to find him in the Bramblewood Forest. Michael Bell sells you animal clothes and rare collectables, as well as giving you some errands that you can do for some special rewards.

Bell prefers to be around animals, and has trouble with person-to-person romance. Because of that, he’s better off for his animal clothing and rare collectable stores. You can get some quite fancy outfits for your farm, which is great! Cows in sweaters are undoubtedly the reason to pick up this expansion pack, and Bell has way more than that!

That being said, he is an NPC, and you can romance him if you want. It’ll be easier to do so if you do some errands for him. Errands are possible with all members of the Henford-on-Bagley neighborhood, and gives you special rewards for completing them. They’re basically sidequests; a bunch of the NPCs have them, and they don’t expire, so feel free to take your time on them!

The Sims 4: Cottage Living offers some pretty fantastic new additions to your Sims home. If you love the wacky fun that The Sims offers, this expansion might give you some new toys to play with. Check it out, and check out some of our other guides to this constantly growing experience: