The Sims 5 Is In Development As “Project Rene”

Will Wright truly popularized sim games, and now his greatest series is getting a brand new title. At the official Sims Summit, it was revealed that The Sims 5 has been confirmed for development. This announcement comes shortly after the last sims game was made free to play across all platforms, with the exception of DLC and expansions still requiring payment. Though this has made The Sims far more accessible than ever, it’s safe to say that the community around the series is excited for what’s to come and what they can contribute to it.

The Sims 5 As Project Rene

After the Sim City series enjoyed some solid success, developer Will Wright helped found Maxis and made it big with The Sims in 2000. The series continued to expand up until The Sims 4 in 2014, but now it looks like it will continue into The Sims 5 currently under the name “Project Rene”. According to what has been revealed by EA about The Sims Summit, the continuation of the series is currently “in its very early stages of development.” However, ideas surrounding it seem to hint at making Sim customization even more precise, down to the level of DNA and affecting how their AI will behave.

The Sims can be seen as both a simple and highly complex game. There is no real goal as players are free to play the games however they want. At the start, they get the option to create virtual people known as Sims and oversee their lives. While Sims can act on their own and go about their business idly, it’s up to the player to provide them with necessities and luxuries. Ideally, players will try to help each Sim live a full life which involves keeping them healthy and achieving their goals. The games have only gotten more in-depth as the series has progressed and The Sims 5 is looking to be the most advanced one yet.

Things have been quiet on The Sims front in terms of advancing the series, but The Sims Summit changed all that. Now that The Sims 5 has been confirmed as Project Rene, there are even more detailed virtual people upcoming.