The Sims Mobile vs Freeplay | What’s The Difference?

When you go to download The Sims for your phone, you’ll find two options: The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay. Both games are free to download and play, and both claim to offer a fun-filled Sims-style experience. So, which one should you pick? Is one better than the other, or perhaps offer more features? As it turns out, there are some pretty clear differences between what these two games offer.

What’s The Difference Between The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay?

What's The Difference Between The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay?

The biggest difference between The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay is scope. Freeplay, the older game, is a more classic-styled experience allowing for up to 34 characters. The Sims Mobile, the newer game, has a four-character maximum, and focuses more on building those characters’ legacies.

As far as your families go, in Mobile, your sims will eventually need to retire to create legacies for new sims to come, though they won’t die. In The Sims Freeplay, your sims will pass away once they complete the Life Dreams and Legacies Quest. If you’re determined, though, you can still prevent them from dying.

Another important aspect to note is that both games unfold in real time. However, the actions in The Sims Mobile are done quickly, making it play a lot faster, whereas actions tend to take longer in The Sims Freeplay. This makes The Sims Mobile a much faster-paced game. There’s a difference in character creation, too. While both games have good character creation, Mobile has fewer options when compared to Freeplay’s more traditional create-a-sim offering.

The last big difference between The Sims Mobile vs Freeplay is in satisfying the needs of your sims. For example, in Mobile, the only need your sims have is energy. All actions use at least one unit of energy. Once you’ve used all your energy, you need to wait, sleep, or eat a cupcake to replenish it. By contrast, in The Sims Freeplay, you can perform different actions to replenish your sim’s specific needs, such as eating from your fridge for energy.

As for which to choose, that’s up to you. The Sims Freeplay is mostly for older fans, as it doesn’t mess with the basic formula. Mobile, on the other hand, is for The Sims fans who prefer