The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gameplay Trailer Pays Gory Homage

Slasher movies maintain a place in nostalgia and modern gaming, with one major title making a notable new appearance. Presented by a number of studios Gun and Sumo Nottingham, the horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is getting its own game, aptly titled The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The developers recently revealed a new gameplay trailer demonstrating the game’s violent PvP structure. The video showcases iconic scenarios of the film from both sides — killers and survivors.

Gun Revives Horror Classic for Modern Gamers

There are many horror films people reference, but The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is truly iconic. Though the original film was released in 1974, it’s getting a modern game update for the next year. It’s joining the trend of gamifying slasher films as seen in titles like Dead By Daylight and more recently, The Quarry.

The trailer showcases both survivors and killers in a deadly game of hide-and-seek. The game looks to be entirely PvP focused and centered around iconic locations in the film. It also captures the violent and frankly gory nature of the film. Expect to see a few brutal executions whenever the killer manages to catch any of the victims.

In terms of horror, the setup is both simple yet memorable. Both film and game follow a group of youths who get stranded in Texas, far from civilization. While seeking help, they soon find themselves hunted by a cannibalistic chainsaw-wielding killer named Leatherface. Players will either act as survivors attempting to escape or killers trying to hunt them down. The game looks very reminiscent of Dead By Daylight, where Leatherface makes a guest appearance as The Cannibal.

Based on the presentation and gameplay, people will get a chance to play through the The Texas Chain Saw Massacre next year. It’s currently scheduled for release in 2023 for on major consoles including PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as on PC through online marketplaces like Steam.