The Wolf Among Us 2 Delayed To Avoid Crunch Time

Whenever a company makes a comeback, they’re treading a delicate surface to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes. Telltale Games is showing this in their decision to push back the release of The Wolf Among Us 2 to next year. Although this is a highly anticipated title, the delay is meant to help avoid crunch time work conditions. This was one of the main problems that lead to Telltale’s downfall, so this decision definitely shows evidence of the company learning from past mistakes.

The Wolf Among Us 2 Delayed To 2024

It’s been 10 years since The Wolf Among Us was released from Telltale Games, captivating audiences with its narrative and comic-art graphic style. The game ended on a cliffhanger, however, and it’s been silence since. There were hints that the company would continue the series, of course, and now it’s been confirmed.

The Wolf Among Us 2 will be coming out in 2024 from the newly revived Telltale Games. Based on details from IGN, this release date was chosen so that the developers wouldn’t have to suffer from burnout due to the intensity and long work hours of crunch time. It will also give the company time to transition from Unreal Engine 4 to 5 for future development.

The Wolf Among Us at first appeared to be one of Telltale’s standalone narrative adventures, consisting of only five episodes. The game is based on the universe of the Fables graphic novel series. In it, fairy tale characters live in the real world in secret. Players take on the role of Bigby. He’s the human form of the quintessential Big Bad Wolf who acts as the sheriff of the fairy tale community. Things kick off with one character being murdered, and Bigby being tasked to solve it. To get to the bottom, he has to rely on his investigative skills and werewolf strength. With The Wolf Among Us 2 on the way, it looks like Bigby’s work is far from over.

Telltale Games went under due to high-cost licensing and employee burnout, but they’re taking their second chance seriously. By pushing the greatly desired The Wolf Among Us 2 to next year to prevent crunch time, this game company is adamant about putting its employees first.