Throne And Liberty From Amazon Games Is Finally Nearing Release

Games getting delayed is nothing new and it is almost expected in some cases, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting when they get back on track. This is what’s happening with Throne And Liberty, the latest addition to the Amazon Games lineup. After multiple delays, the company has confirmed that it will be coming to all major platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It will be another online game under the publisher’s label with the experienced developers at NCSoft leading the way. Though no definitive release date has been confirmed, we’ll likely learn more and more about Throne And Liberty in the coming months.

Throne And Liberty is on the way

Online games are both some of the most profitable and hardest to maintain. Luckily, Amazon has money and NCSoft has experience. The former has previously released (with mixed success) the online titles Lost Ark and the more recent New World. With Throne And Liberty now officially on the roster, Amazon Games will continue to grow its online gaming presence.

According to IGN, current rumors peg the game as aiming to release sometime in the first half of this year. It will supposedly be an action-packed experience with a heavy story element for players to get engrossed.

Though Amazon Games has no problem publishing titles, it’s NCSoft that’s doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Their most well-known title is the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 which remains active since its release in 2012. It’s been about two years since their last new title, but now their docket is full of new projects. Throne And Liberty is taking center stage, being another MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy universe. Gameplay videos showcase a wide open-world environment with a multitude of regions. There are also custom characters, a variety of combat systems, and a lot of flashy animations to try and make even the smallest action feel satisfying.

Throne And Liberty have been going up and down since it was first announced, but now Amazon Games feels confident about where it is in development. By adding it to the 2023 lineup, people may soon get to play NCSoft’s latest endeavor.