Tomb Raider Rights Reportedly Purchased By Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon has enough money to pursue whatever project it wants. Well, it seems the company is going after even more gaming-related content. According to various sources, Amazon may have just purchased the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise for over 600 million dollars. This could allude to more Tomb Raider cinema to come in the future. Or, it could possibly result in a series based on the recent releases on Amazon Prime. Since it’s been years since the last official Tomb Raider game, the IP may be shifting more towards non-interactive media.

Tomb Raider Under Amazon

It was in 1996 that people got to meet Lara Croft, the eponymous Tomb Raider who would go into dangerous ruins to extract relics of great power. It is one of the most prolific action-adventure franchises around. Now, Amazon has reportedly put in a huge bid for the rights, according to sources like GamesRadar.

The last official new game was Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018, but it looks like this company is trying to rejuvenate the series under its banner. Reports indicate that the next big game in the series will be published by Amazon. Naturally, there are also talks of another Tomb Raider movie in the works. Whether the name is on deck to become a TV series is unknown at this time.

Tomb Raider is a pretty great idea for a game concept. Each entry follows the exploits of Lara Craft, an archaeologist who knows very well how to defend herself. Wielding a number of tools and weapons, including her trademark dual pistols, players guide Croft through ancient structures that still have fully functional booby traps. She often faces off against other raiders and bandits, and several titles also have her confronting the supernatural. The more recent games put Croft in more realistic yet grittier scenarios, much to fan delight. Still, it’s anyone’s guess whether this direction will continue.

Amazon already has so many names and properties under its umbrella and will possibly be getting a new one. If it’s true that the company has acquired Tomb Raider for hundreds of millions, it’ll be up to them to decide where the character goes and on what platform.