Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Mall Stat Points Locations

Stat Points are hidden collectables you’ll find within the maps of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. Each Stat Point can be used to permanently upgrade one of each skater’s stats, including skills like Rail Balance, Speed, or Ollie height. Every level offers multiple points to find, though their locations are determined by your skater’s style. Here’s a look at every Stat Point location in the Mall, including where they can be found for each style of skater.

THPS 1+2 Mall | All Stat Point Locations

Park Style Mall Stat Points

Mall Stat Points - Park Style 01

The Park style is all about versatility while skating. As such, the stat points are hidden in quite varied locations.

The first Stat Point can be found shortly after you enter the Mall itself. Ascend the very first set of stairs you find and head to the left side of the upper level. Here you will find a pipe jutting out of the wall leading back to the lower floor, with a Stat Point floating shortly above.

Mall Stat Points - Park Style 02

When you reach the Flying Leap Gap, instead of going up the escalator to the jump, turn instead to the long set of stairs going downwards to the left. Against the wall on the left side will be a Stat Point, wallride along the wall to obtain it.

Mall Stat Points - Park Style 03

The final Park Style Stat Point can be found towards the end of the level. After the food court, when the level becomes more linear, look for a split path, one route going up and the other going down. Take the route up and do a trick off the ramp at the end of the raised section to grab the Stat Point floating in the air.

Vert Style Mall Stat Points

Mall Stat Points - Vert Style 01

The Vert Style is all about getting height from ramps and quarter pipes, allowing skaters to do more complex tricks off them. As such, the Stat Points for Vert Skaters can be typically found at the end of ramps.

Before entering the Mall proper by smashing through the glass doors, turn around. On a quarter pipe to the right you will find the first Stat Point of the level.

Mall Stat Points - Vert Style 02

In the circular open area below the Flying Leap Gap you will find the second Stat Point. Ride up one of the Quarter pipes and grab it.

Mall Stat Points - Vert Style 03

The final Point can be fount at the food court area. Immediately after entering the food court, look to your right to find the Stat Point floating above the bank near a flood light.

Street Style Stat Points

Mall Stat Points - Street Style 01

Street Skating focuses much less on ramps, which are uncommon outside of skateparks, and focuses more heavily on grinding. This is why Stat Points for Street Style skaters can typically be found on grinding rails.

Climb the escalator which leads the Flying Leap Gap. From here you will see the first Stat Point on a hand rail on the right-hand side of this area. Grind on the handrail to get the Stat Point.

Mall Stat Points - Street Style 02

After you pass the breakable entrance to the Volcom store, you’ll come to a large flight of stairs heading downwards. The Stat Point can be found on the middle rail of these stairs. Grind down it to retrieve it.

Mall Stat Points - Street Style 03

The final Stat Point for Street Style skaters can be found in the food court. While in this area of the map, look to your left to find it floating above a ledge on the wall. Grind across this ledge to reach it.