Tower Of Fantasy Devs Compensate For Servers Issues Following Launch

One thing that will never go out of style is the opportunity to explore a huge fantasy world. But then the problem is trying to keep it stable. Although Tower Of Fantasy has been on the radar for quite some months, it has officially launched only for its servers to be taken down. If games like the popular Genshin Impact have proven anything, it’s that a huge online fantasy world needs resources to survive and support its adventurers. Unfortunately, the team behind Tower Of Fantasy may have not prepared as well as they could have leading up to the eventful launch and now has to make up for it. Thankfully, they have a plan to help ease new players’ stress.

The Tower Of Fantasy Servers

Tower Of Fantasy tentatively launched in December of 2021 to give players a taste of what was in development. Though it didn’t grab huge spotlights, it continued to build a player base which would lead up to the official launch this year. However, the creators of the game Perfect World, didn’t expect the problems that followed greatly inhibiting the experience. There have been reports from various regions in the days following the launch of players being unable to sign up for the game or even sign into their accounts. As the team works on some much needed maintenance, they’re trying to make up for the issues by sending all players who register before August 17 in-game items called Gold Nucleus.

The combination of quality graphics, size, and free-to-play is what brought Tower Of Fantasy to players’ attention. Similar to Genshin Impact, players take control of a hero exploring a vast and fantastical world. Its main difference being that the theme is bending towards sci-fi with many characters shown using guns, gadgets, and fighting opponents who appear robotic in nature. It is also a gacha experience where players can purchase elements for their game including items and different characters if they’re seeking to fast-track their progress.

Perfect World has a lot of work to do in order to fix up the Tower Of Fantasy servers. Though the Gold Nucleus gift is a nice gesture, many players are simply waiting for the time when they actually sign on to play.