Tribes of Midgard Mushroom Moon Bolts | How to Get

There are a ton of materials to gather within the world of Tribes of Midgard. From metals to wood to fungus, you’re going to need to get creative to make everything that you want. One of the more difficult to find items are the Mushroom Moon Bolts. These are required for healing potions as well as a few good weapons, so they are a must-have for most adventurers. But, where do you even begin to find these? Mushrooms are all over, but they rarely give you this item… Or do they?

How to Get Mushroom Moon Bolts in Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard Mushroom Moon Bolts

Mushroom Moon Bolts can be picked from Lunar Stormcamp Mushrooms in the Land of Pools Region at Night. These mushrooms glow softly in the night, making them relatively easy to find. Other than randomly spawning fungus, you can also find these Bolts by locating treasure chests in the Land of Pools area. These chests can be hard to raid; the Goblins surrounding them are vicious!

If you’re farming for Mushroom Moon Bolts, you’re going to need to wait for nighttime. This will allow you to scan the Land of Pools region a lot easier, and thus make your farming journey better.

Mushroom Moon Bolts are used in quite a few recipes; Healing Brew, Nornir Axe, Nornir Bow, and Speed Elixir. Just for the Healing and Speed potions (both of which are good!), you’re going to want to farm quite a few of these items. The Axe and Bow are good mid game supportive weapons, before you get to the incredible endgame options. The Bolts are made to craft the Axe, or to upgrade the Bow.

Lunar Stormcamp Mushrooms also drop Mushroom Oil, which is used for healing and Coldproof Elixirs.

If you don’t like waiting for Mushrooms to spawn, camps can be useful. These show up on your map, and raiding them can turn you quite the profit! However, these can be dangerous for low-power characters. Make sure you’re confident in your ability before jumping into the fray!

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