Tribes of Midgard Mushroom Oil | How to Get

You may not expect liquid from mushroom picking to be one of the most important materials in Tribes of Midgard. However, they are required for almost every single potion in the entire game. Your coldproof and heatproof elixirs, high level healing potions, and defense elixirs… mushroom oil is required for all of these. In large, cooperative games, this restriction can restrict access to the Desert and Tundra. So, where can you find them? And is there any consistent way to farm it?

Where to Find Mushroom Oil in Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard Mushroom Oil

Mushroom Oil is collected in two different ways, by mushroom picking and by building the Farm. Mushroom Picking grants between two and three Mushroom Oil per grab. Thankfully, all types of mushrooms (Stormcap and Lunar Stormcap) will grant you this resource. The Farm will also give you two every day, which allows for a consistent influx of Oil for your benefit.

Unfortunately, the Farm does not give you enough oil for even single-player content. Two per day is absurdly low; at maximum, you’re getting a single mid-quality potion from the farm every day. And since it takes a day or two to even get the farm active… Yeah, it won’t be your main source of Mushroom Oil at any point in the game. At least on the release patch.

So, the best place to find the oil is to pick the resource node itself. Mushrooms spawn fairly commonly in the Land of Pools, especially near water. Wander around and you’ll find plenty of this fungus to grab. If it’s not nighttime, you’ll only get the Oil. Still not bad, if you need to farm potions!

The most important thing that Mushroom Oil grants is Heat and Coldproof Elixirs. Unless you are playing a Seer, you need to get some resistance if you want to explore the Desert during the day, or the Tundra. These potions are temporary solutions until you can craft the armor that you need.

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