Tru or Die Chiraq Still Set For December Release Date

Chicago-based rapper Tru Hunnit recently revealed that he’d been working on a new video game based around his hometown. Called Tru or Die Chiraq, the game is a third-person shooter set in the streets and projects of Chicago, following Tru himself in a story taking place in the year 2012. First taken to crowdfunding via Kickstarter, the project is apparently on pace to release this December. Unfortunately, a lack of updates may throw future launches into question.

Here’s the official description of Tru or Die Chiraq as provided through the game’s Kickstarter page:

“Tru Or Die Chiraq is a Third Person Video Game based in the southside of Chicago. AKA Chiraq. You play as Tru Hunnit, A rising college basketball star whos career turns to the worst due to rising violence in Chiraq.”

The game is being developed by The Shade Game Development, a studio ran by developer and videographer TheShadeFilms. Based around Unreal Engine 4, Tru or Die Chiraq seems to sport a gameplay style largely similar to other open-world crime games such as Grand Theft Auto. However, its Kickstarter as well as its Drill Mode trailer mention several unusual features. These include role-playing, role reversal (playing as police), and a variety of jobs available both inside and outside of prison.

According to official details, the game is still on course for its December 2021 release on the Epic Games Store. The project’s Kickstarter page, last updated in July, said it was “on track” to release later this year. The game’s official website also lists a December release date. The project’s funding goal was not met, however, so it’s unclear if that’s still the plan. The development team hasn’t provided any new updates regarding future console releases, either. The last update we could find was posted July 31 on the Tru or Die Chiraq Instagram account.

Though the PC release date for Tru or Die Chiraq doesn’t seem to have changed, a lack of new updates does cause concern. If Tru Hunnit’s Chicago-based action game is still going to launch in December, hopefully he’ll drop more details over on his Instagram page.