Tunic Ability Cards | Locations and Effects

Tunic is a pretty hard game. As an isometric action RPG, you’re going to need all of the advantages that you can scrape together if you want your little Fox friend to survive fights. This can mean farming to level up your stats or throwing yourself at bosses to learn their attack patterns. However, there is another option. You can further customize your character using the ability cards scattered all over Tunic. These are usually double-edged swords that you can use to boost damage or defense. However, they are all unique and all powerful! Here’s a list of what they are and where to find them.

Where to Find All Ability Cards in Tunic

Where to Find All Ability Cards in Tunic

There are 16 total ability cards in Tunic. You can equip as many as you currently have for Card Slots, and can spend Golden Coins to unlock more slots. Here are the locations each Card:

  • Orange Peril Ring: Boosts your attack when you have low health.
    • First room in the Dark Tomb. It’s on a pedestal. Simply get to the first ladder.
  • Cyan Peril Ring: Boosts your defense when you have low health.
    • In the West Garden. Head towards the Hero’s Grave.
  • Inverted Ash: Your HP potions become MP potions, and restore your Magic.
    • Head to the far Northwest Corner of the Overworld.
  • Anklet: Boosts movement speed.
    • Behind the Hero’s Grave in the Forest Fortress dungeon.
  • Perfume: Boosts stamina recovery.
    • Near the ladder that leads to the Southeast skull zone. Basically, just head southeast in the Swamp until you approach the area marked by skills.
  • Tincture: Buffs attack. Lowers defense slightly.
    • West of the Ruin Atoll. Protected by an Envoy.
  • Bracer: Reduces how much stamina is required to block.
    • In the Ruined Atoll. Check entrances until you find the dead end.
  • Lucky Cup: Enemies have a chance to drop a recovery heart upon death.
    • Southwest of the Overworld.
  • Muffling Bell: Enemies can’t detect you as well.
    • Beneath the Eastern Vault. Check behind the waterfall.
  • Louder Echo: When recovering your ghost after death, enemies nearby are stunned and take additional damage.
    • Top left of the Flooded Well.
  • Scavenger’s Mask: Massively reduces HP drain from dark miasma and crystals.
    • End of the hall in the Monastery.
  • Dagger Strap: Improves the casting time of Magic Dagger.
    • The Swamp. Head south of the Fox Shrine save point.
  • Magic Echo: Restores some FP when picking up your Ghost.
    • South Ruined Atoll. You should see the Chest near the gate.
  • Fire Sword: Health is set to 1. Attacks set enemies on fire.
    • Southeast of the Overworld. You must open the locked door.
  • Aura’s Gem: Parry window is improved.
    • Top right of the Quarry.
  • Bone: Improves invincibility time during dodge rolls.
    • West beach of the Ruined Atoll. Look at the base of the 1st obelisk. It’s behind a bombable rock with a flower on it. Blow up that wall.

The Best Ability Cards

Tunic Ability Cards

If you’re wondering what Ability Cards work best, we have a few recommendations!

Tincture is great for when you’ve gotten used to the game’s combat. More Attack means you don’t make as many mistakes during a fight; the best defense is a good offense! Just be sure to take it off before a difficult boss, so you can learn the boss’s patterns.

Lucky Cup is fantastic for exploring. You will almost certainly get an additional health off of enemies while walking around. This is by far the best card for pure exploration, and you should take it whenever possible.

Aura’s Gem and Bone are both similarly useful. Parries are great, but dodge rolling is just generally safer. Whichever one you choose, use that defensive option more! We tend to prefer the Bone, as it feels significantly more reliable. Twice the dodge frames, so you can dodge basically anything!

The other cards aren’t bad, but should only be used situationally. The Scavenger’s Mask might as well be required in a few particular areas, since dark miasma drains your health super fast.

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