Tunic Cross-Play | Is It Cross-Platform?

After too long a wait, Tunic, the isometric action RPG from Finji, is finally available. Taking clear inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, its focus on exploration makes co-op very alluring. However the state of Tunic cross-play at launch isn’t a completely straightforward one. We’re here to help, with details on how Tunic cross-play works, and whether the game supports cross-platform play.

Does Tunic Have Cross-Play?

Does Tunic have cross-play

Yes, Tunic does feature cross-play. This will let you team up with a friend to explore the mysterious world, searching through caves and battling monsters. In a game that puts a lot of emphasis on piecing the story out by yourself, it’s good to know that you can take a buddy along with you.

At the moment, Tunic is not just cross-play approved, but it also has extensive cross-platform capabilities. Players on any of the current platforms — Xbox One, Series X/S, PC, and Mac — can link up to play together. Therefore, there are no boundaries based on what you’re playing on, making it easy for gamers of all allegiances to partner up. While a lot of games stick to console or generation exclusivity in their cross-play, it’s good to see Tunic do it differently.

However, there is one glaring omission: the lack of PlayStation compatibility. Fret not, though: PlayStation 4 and 5 haven’t been excluded from cross-platform due to any licensing issues. Instead, the game simply isn’t available on those consoles yet. For the time being, Tunic is an Xbox console exclusive, though this is only a timed deal. Once that runs out, the game should release on PS4 and PS5, which is good news. From there, we imagine it’ll interlink with the existing cross-platform capabilities, though that has yet to be confirmed. We’ll have to wait for Finji to confirm it, but it seems unlikely that those consoles won’t also be part of the deal.

Therefore, Tunic is about as cross-compatible as it comes, barring the timed exclusivity preventing PlayStation owners from getting in on the action. When that release does arrive, players on all platforms will be able to share the adventure together.