Tunic Fire Rod | How to Get

Retro-inspired action-RPG Tunic sees you taking control of a little fox on a big adventure. The game includes a large arsenal of magic items, one of them being the Fire Rod. As you might expect, this little number is capable of hurling magic flames toward your foes. However, you won’t be able to scoop this armament up early. Instead, you’ll first have to gain access to a long-forgotten temple.

How to Get the Fire Rod in Tunic

How To Get the Fire Rod in Tunic

The Fire Rod is located within the Sealed Temple in Tunic. However, you won’t be able to get to it until after you’ve defeated the Guard Captain and Garden Knight. You’ll need to take them both out in order to ring the two bells which open up the Sealed Temple. Once the doors are open, you can head inside to find the treasure.

Assuming you’ve already opened the Sealed Temple, the rest is straightforward. Make your way from the Old House, then turn to the right before the Sealed Temple. Your goal is to make it on top of the temple itself. For that, you need to climb up the ladder to the right of the fox statue.

Once at the top, you should be able to cross a hidden path to get to the ledge above the temple. You can then climb another ladder that’s guarded by two enemies. After you climb that second ladder, start heading to the left and continue past the stone stairs. You’ll eventually come to a bridge crossing over a waterfall. Defeat the enemies and go past them.

This should bring you to a massive golden door, and right in front of the door, you’ll find the Fire Rod. Walk up to it, interact with it, and it will be added to your arsenal.

So, what exactly does the Fire Rod do? Well, it’s an item that uses magic to shoot bolts of fire at enemies. It’s a very useful item for ranged combat, and it’s a required item if you’re tracking down every Secret Treasure in Tunic.