Tunic Hourglass Location | Where to Find

Tunic Hourglass Location - Where to Find

Tunic sees players exploring a fantasy land while simultaneously working to reveal the in-game instruction manual. While these pages hide some secrets, you’re going to have to expand your arsenal to fully explore the world. That means tracking down new items and tools. Among the lot is the Hourglass, which has the unique ability to slow down time. Here’s where you need to search in order to find it.

Where to Find the Hourglass in Tunic

Where to Find the Hourglass in Tunic

To find the hourglass in Tunic, you’re first going to want to find the sword and shield, since the path toward the hourglass is well-guarded. Once you have them, start by making your way down to the beach. It’s at the bottom of the overworld map. After you make it down to the beach, look for the land bridge that you came from in the start of the game. Make your way onto the sand underneath the bridge, there’s a secret door under it against the wall.

You’ll no doubt notice the hourglass now that you’re in the secret room. However, you’re not going to make it there by just walking, as three guards are protecting the chest. These magic turrets will kill you as soon as you step in their general direction. So, equip your shield and make sure you’ve got it ready to reflect. Use the pauses in between attacks to get close, and defeat each guard with the sword and shield.

Once you pass all the guards, make your way to the chest, then open it. Inside is the magic hourglass. This device allows you to slow time, which can be very helpful in high combat situations. What’s more, there’s a secret door behind the chest. If you use the D-Pad to trace the icon on the wall, you’ll be able to enter the secret room and rescue one of the 20 hidden Fairies around the game world. Doing so is also a requirement toward finding all Secret Treasures.

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