Tunic | How to Open Map

As you play through the anthropomorphic adventures of Tunic, you’ll soon begin to wonder where you are in this vibrant world. Tunic provides multiple sections for the player to traverse through, making the journey all the more complex. Thankfully, the game does offer a map to refer to, though it isn’t entirely straightforward on how to access it. Keep reading on to see how you can open the map.

How to Open the Map in Tunic

How to Open Map in Tunic

The map is technically a part of your Instruction Booklet within the game, and you’ll continuously collect more pieces of it as you progress through Tunic. As you collect more pages of the booklet in the game, you’ll unveil gameplay tips and parts of the map. You can easily access the map by pausing Tunic and flipping through the booklet. The booklet is your ticket to seeing where you’ll go next, along with navigational cues on which locations to head towards.

Keep in mind, however, that the map doesn’t cover the majority of the game. Initially, you’ll be given the Overworld portion, which only showcases the surface levels. It’ll provide directions toward the East Forest, West Garden, and Mountain Door, but nothing more. If you want to unlock more sections of the map, you’ll have to collect the pages that are scattered throughout the world. Additionally, these pages will complete the Instruction Booklet, which works into the playful narrative for our heroic fox.

Ultimately, the player will muster up the pages for the manual as they journey through the game. Despite how incomprehensible it is to read the booklet, it will give our hero a completed narrative, as well as fulfilling the entirety of the map amongst its many pages. As one would imagine, the map isn’t all on one page. You’ll need to flip through various pages of the booklet to check out what is what; as aforementioned, the Overworld portion only covers the surface areas of the world.

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