Tunic Overworld Map Location | Where to Find

There’s a certain charm to indie games like Tunic, which are heavily inspired by retro titles. One of its greatest charms is the fact that progress is determined by revealing the in-game instruction manual. However, exploring this isometric world quickly becomes difficult without a map. As it turns out, one of the manual pages you need to collect contains the overworld map itself. Here’s where to find it.

Where to Find the Overworld Map Page in Tunic

Where to Find the Map Page in Tunic

To find the overworld map page in Tunic, you need to make your way to the small island next to the entrance of the East Forest. However, you’re not going to be able to get into that area right from the start. The path is blocked by some square bushes. In order to cut them down, you’ll first need to find the sword.

Thankfully, that part is easy. To find the sword, head eastward to the Hero’s Grave. Fight past the guards and claim the blade. With the sword in hand, return to the island’s entrance, then slash down the bushes with the sword. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be free to enter the small island. Head on over to retrieve Page 28 of the manual, which unlocks the overworld map.

Now that you have one of the most important pages of the manual at your disposal, it’ll become nearly impossible for you to get lose in the game’s world. You’ll be able to reference the manual at any time. If the map page doesn’t entice you enough to seek out other pages. It’ll be good for you to know that the manual contains vital information about enemy attacks, as well as how to solve some of the game’s more complicated puzzles. The game’s affinity for meta context means that completing Tunic‘s manual is key to helping you to complete the game. Keeping things interesting, while also bringing the charm of flipping through old NES manuals before starting up an old game on the CRT.