Tunic Max Stats | How to Increase

Tunic is a pretty hard game. Crashing through enemies requires good timing and good gear. Some of these encounters can even feel impossible! If you’re in that camp, it might be time to invest in some stat upgrades. Upgrading your stats in Tunic is an essential part of gameplay, since it is crucial to making combat bearable in the late-game. If you haven’t done it yet, you’re far from alone! The game doesn’t explain it at all. So, let’s sit down and get it done now!

How to Increase Your Stats in Tunic

How to Increase Your Stats in Tunic

In order to improve your stats in Tunic, you must sit down at one of the Fox Shrines that heal you to full and respawn enemies. At this shrine, open your Inventory screen and look at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see that there are several items that go for Attack, Defense, Potion Effectiveness, HP, SP, and MP. Hover over those items and pay the required cost to upgrade the stat in that category.

Thankfully, because you have different upgrade materials, you will not have to focus on a particular stat to upgrade. You can basically just buy stats as you progress through the game.

The issue with the upgrade materials is… You’ll have to find them! Tunic knows how important these are, and you’ll find them scattered throughout the entire game. However, they are rarely simple to find!

The materials that you’re looking for are as follows:

  • Monster Tooth: Attack
  • Fox Statue: Defense
  • Flower: HP
  • Medicine: Potion Effectiveness
  • Leaf: Stamina
  • Blue Mushroom: MP

You’ll tend to find these important items after various puzzles throughout the game world. Don’t ignore secret walls or passageways, as they can lead to straight stat-buffs that your character can’t realistically live without!

Currently, the maximum stats that most players get to are 20. In a single run, you tend to get five Attack, five Defense, four Potion, seven HP, three Stamina, and four MP stat upgrades.

Tunic has released pretty recently, and the world is just full of all sorts of different puzzles and enemies to take down! If you want to know more about the game, including some of the secrets that the game doesn’t guide you to, we can help you out!