Tunic New Game Plus | Can You Replay It?

Tunic has turned out to be quite an endearing romp. The isometric adventure with the furry fox hero and the hints of influence from The Legend of Zelda has caught on well with players. Surely a title like this is perfect for New Game Plus mode, right?. We’ll tell you whether or not the adventure has to end down below!

Does Tunic Have New Game Plus?

Does Tunic Have New Game Plus?

Tunic does have a New Game Plus mode. However, getting it isn’t as cut-and-dry as simply beating the game and rolling your save into a new playthrough. This game makes you earn your second round. To unlock New Game Plus in Tunic, you’ll have to defeat the final boss known as The Heir.

This boss has two phases. The first one focuses on slashes and area attacks. The Heir deals heavy damage and dodging the area attacks will drain your stamina quickly. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the second phase amps up the difficulty significantly. The Heir’s sword takes on a dark aura, and they become much more aggressive in their attacks. Most of their sword attacks also leave damaging Dark Energy in their wake, often times cornering you to small confines of the area. You’ll need every helpful item and consumable you can hold in this battle.

Upon defeating The Heir, you will be given the choice to either re-enter your current world to hunt down more Instruction Manual pages and other collectables, or you can begin New Game Plus. Choosing NG+ allows you to carry over everything except for story items like the Hero’s Grave and Colored Keys items.

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