Tunic Page 54 Location | Where to Find

Tunic, is an indie isometric title that’s reminiscent of early retro titles. It’s an innovation in indie gaming that forces players to fine pieces of a gaming manual by searching around an island. As most retro gamers know, every page of the manual is important, and you might find yourself trying to find the Page 54 location.

Where to Find Page 54 in Tunic

How To Find Page 54 in Tunic

Page 54 is located in Tunic’s Overworld behind a waterfall just next to the entrance of the dark tomb. However, before it will appear you must locate ten of the 20 Secret Faires. If you haven’t done that yet, the page won’t appear on the altar.

As mentioned above, finding at least ten of the 20 Secret Faires will give you Page 54 of the manual (and 55). Conveniently, the altar is the secret gathering location of the faires, but unfortunately, there aren’t any there. These faires are hidden throughout the world, and you’ll have to solve a puzzle to find each one. These can be a bit tough if you don’t know what you’re doing, but our friends at IGN have a great guide that can help you find them all.

So, what does Page 54 have on it? Well, it’s part of a larger secret to the game. As you’ve probably noticed, Tunic’s game manual is written in a strange language that you’re unable to read—unless you can decipher it.

Page 54 acts as a deciphering tool, which you can use to uncover the language of the game. To be clear though, you don’t have to decode the language to beat the game, but if you want to understand more of its lore and about the world itself, then you’ll want to find the missing page.

Plus, you might find a few extra secrets along the way. Happy hunting and good luck deciphering the rest of the manual!