Tunic Secret Treasures | Where to Find

Tunic is an indie game that combines the best of action RPGs with the puzzle-solving and secret hunting from days old. However, despite the game paying homage to a lot of the titles that came before it, there are still plenty of secrets to find beyond the core adventure. The game holds 12 secret treasures which are required to complete the secret ending of the game. So, where can you find these treasures? Read on to find out.

Where to Find All Secret Treasures in Tunic

Where to Find All Secret Treasures in Tunic

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding all secret treasures in Tunic using this guide. However, collecting them all means completing most of the game. You won’t be able to jump right in and discover them all. Instead, you’ll need to find practically all the manual pages and pick up most special abilities, as they’re required to reach specific treasures.

Mr. Mayor

To pick up the first secret treasure, head to the first flame checkpoint at the beginning of the game. Then, start making your way down the stairs following the directions you would take if you were going to the east forest. After going down the stairs, you’ll find an enemy and a door. Previously, this door was locked but should be opened if you’ve already completed the vast majority of the game. Enter the door, and you’ll see a sign on the wall in this small hallway. Next, stand on the bright square in the middle of the room. Now, to unlock the secret passage, trace either side of the wall on the D-Pad, starting from the bottom. Once this is complete, the icon will turn into a door, and open. Head into the void, and you’ll find a chest, containing a golden statue of the Mayor.

A Secret Legend

The second secret treasure requires that you start in the old house and change the time of day to night. You will also need to have the Dash ability, as it’s important to complete this single treasure. This treasure is otherwise known as the Cathedral Secret. For a more detailed guide on how to acquire a statue of the protagonist, check out this guide.

Just Some Pals

To get this secret treasure, you’re going to need page 39 of the manual, as it includes a hint to find this treasure. Head to the swamp area, and make your way over the gate once more during the day. Once you make it to the ledge on the side of the fence, instead of climbing down, continue down the path. You’ll notice a golden skull sitting on the edge of the path, as well as another one sitting on top of a tombstone on the lower level. Push the skull from the ledge down to where the tombstone is by walking into it. Then, start to make your way down to where the other skull is.

Once you’re down there, you’ll have to push the golden skulls into the hole in front of the tombstone. There are two more that need to be pushed in. One is hidden behind the tombstone in the water with a cross, and the other is further to the left of the tombstone that you’re pushing the skulls into. Once that’s complete, a chest will spawn containing a golden statue of all 4 skulls, and the Just Some Pals achievement.


To acquire secret treasure number four, you’re going to need the solutions found on pages one and 51. However, here’s how to get the treasure regardless. To get this secret treasure, head to the small island near the beach. There’s a path of sand that leads to a chest.

What the game wants you to do next is a little meta. First, stand in the water in the middle of the path. Then, go into your game options, and turn the master volume all the way down to zero. Then, wait about 60 seconds. If done correctly, you’ll see that more information will be placed on page one of the manual. To unlock the chest, walk back onto the sandy path, and stand where the island meets the sand. Then, press down, Left eleven times, and right twelve times on the D-Pad. This will spawn in a chest that contains a CRT television, and the Vintage achievement.

Sacred Geometry

To get this secret treasure, you’re going to need page 53 of the manual to find the solution. First, go to the windmill near the beginning of the game, and stand in front of it. Then, insert this code onto the D-Pad. Down, Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down. Inputting the code correctly will spawn in a chest, containing a golden statue of shapes, and the Sacred Geometry achievement.

Regal Weasel

To claim Regal Weasel, you’re going to need a hint from page 53 of the manual as well as three items. The Fire Wand, The Magic Orb, and The Magic Dagger. Head to the east forest, preferably using the teleporter pad at the Hero’s Grave. Once you’re there, head downwards into a secret path in the trees. Make your way to the lower forest, where you’ll see an enemy on a ledge. Equip all three items at once, then use the wand and the dagger at the same time and freeze the enemy in place. Then, use the Orb to zip up to the enemy, revealing a chest on the ledge. Inside the chest is a Golden Crown, and the Regal Weasel achievement.

Spring Falls

This secret treasure is going to take some time, as the prerequisite for this one is finding all 20 hidden fairies in the game. However, you have a checklist for those that are on page 48 of the manual. Make your way behind the waterfall in the overworld, and you’ll be able to go to the secret fairy meeting place, which is where you’ll find one of the manual pages after collecting 10. Finding all 20 will give you a golden flower, and the Spring Falls achievement.

Power Up

To find this secret treasure, a hint can be found on page 28 of the in-game manual. Head to the old house below the windmill, and stand under the wind chimes. The musical wind chimes can be deciphered into a code using page 28, however, the code is: Up, Down, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up. This will spawn in a chest, containing a golden Arrow, and the Power Up achievement.

Back to Work

Considered the easiest secret treasure to acquire in the game, head back to where you began the game, on the beach, and stand on the golden plate before the bridge to the overworld. There’s a hint on page 11 to tell you the code. The code for the treasure is: Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Down. This will spawn in a chest containing a golden coffee mug and some snacks, as well as the Back to Work achievement.


To get this secret treasure, head to the ruined atoll. Once you’re there, keep to the left, going down the two flights of stairs until you find some hooks coming out of the water. Use the hooks to make your way across the gaps, until you reach another piece of land. Continue down the path until you find a separate island separated by water and bricks. Use the teleport dash to cross to the small island, and you’ll find a chest at the end in front of a stone face. Open the chest to receive a golden Stone Face as well as the Phonomath achievement.


This secret chest requires that you have the teleport dash in your arsenal before attempting this secret. Head to the eastern vault and make your way to the hero’s grave outside of the vault. There’s a platform to the left, right before the stairs that you can teleport across. Cross the water, and enter a secret area. inside the area, you’ll find four piles of leaves. Once all four piles of leaves are cleaned up, you’ll receive a golden broom and the Dusty achievement.

Forever Friend

To make it to this secret treasure, you’re going to want to go to the teleporter room. Find any of the active teleporter pads, and you’ll be able to access the room. Once inside, walk down to the bottom before using the teleporter dash to cross the rocks. Instead of continuing downwards, teleport dash to the left. This will place you on an invisible path. Continue to teleport dash to the left, and you’ll be able to find the final secret treasure, which contains a golden dog head, and unlock the Forever Friend achievement.

With all treasures in hand, heading to the secret room in the old house, you’ll be able to make your way to the final unlockable area in the game. The Glyph tower. However, the game only requires you to collect six of them to unlock this area. Despite this, finding all the secrets is a reward in and of itself.