Twelve Minutes Game Pass | Is It On Xbox and PC?

Twelve Minutes is one of the most creative and horrifying puzzle games made in modern times. It’s gorgeous, haunting, and incredibly unique. For anyone who is a fan of the minor stress that a good horror game can give you, Twelve Minutes is worth looking into! And what program is perfect for people looking to try out new games? Game Pass! Twelve Minutes is now on the Xbox Game Pass. But, does that mean it’s available on all consoles that the pass normally gives to you?

Is Twelve Minutes on Game Pass?

Twelve Minutes Game Pass

Twelve Minutes was released onto Game Pass on August 20 for Xbox and PC. As long as your Xbox or Microsoft account has an active pass on it, you get to play Twelve Minutes – and many, many other games – as part of the subscription to the service. That means you can try it out while still enjoying a massive library of different games!

The Game Pass allows you to play a myriad of Xbox and PC games for free. You’ll still need to download the games – it’s not a streaming service! However, you are free to uninstall whenever you’d like. As long as you’re paying the subscription, the games are yours to play!

So, how long is Twelve Minutes to beat? Surprisingly, it may take a while, depending on how much time you have; because of the puzzle elements, Twelve Minutes takes close to ten hours to beat! This is assuming that you don’t look up answers or anything like that.

However, even if you get the Game Pass just to beat Twelve Minutes, you’re getting a really good deal. The price of the service is more than half of purchasing the game fully! You don’t get it permanently, but you do get the incredible experience of playing the game.

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