Twitch | How to Turn On Whispers

Twitch has a ton of new pieces of integration to make talking with others easier. However, with their new Twitch settings comes some more care and privacy settings. Whether you want to just hear what someone is saying or are interested in messaging someone you’ve just met, you’ll want to turn on whispers on Twitch. Because of that, some of Twitch’s privacy settings might be a bit intrusive to your whisper experience. So, how do you turn on whispers if they are currently off?

How to Turn On Whispers on Twitch

Twitch turn on whispers

In order to turn on whispers on Twitch, simply navigate to your Twitch Settings by clicking your profile picture at the top right. Then, head to Security and Privacy, scroll down to Privacy, and you’ll see a bunch of block options. If you have the Block Whispers from Strangers option on, then you can only get whispered messages from those whom you whisper first, or a bunch of people that Twitch assumes that you trust. If you want to keep this option on, then you’ll have to make sure that your friends and people you trust are on your friend’s list, follow list, subscribed list, mod list, or editor list.

Whispering is a useful mechanic that you use by clicking on a name and choosing the “whisper” option, to the right of Add Friend. When you whisper someone, a tab will open up at the bottom of your screen. You can click on this tab to open it up and chat directly to the user, without anybody else seeing. Really good if you’re trying to put together a session outside of chat. Or if you’re trying to get Discord tags!

Obviously, you should use this feature with some level of caution. While allowing people to whisper you could build a sense of community, it could also open you up to attacks from bots or malicious individuals. Only use this feature if you trust the communities you frequent!

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