Two Point Campus | How to Get Kudosh Quickly

Like many school simulator games, Two Point Campus relies on money if you want to get off the ground. And since there are so many different things to get in this game, you’re going to want a lot of money. Kudosh in Two Point Campus comes slowly if you don’t know what you’re doing and is critical for mid- and late-game upgrades. Even if you know, you’ll still be staring at your cash inflow and wanting more. If you’re wanting to farm this resource so you can make an incredible – or insane – campus, we can help you take out some loans!

How to Get Kudosh Quickly in Two Point Campus

How to Get Kudosh Quickly in Two Point Campus

The best ways to farm Kudosh in Two Point Campus involve your Research Labs. Making sure that your Research Labs are on the highest payout projects currently in the game will be critical to your Kudosh development. In addition, keep an eye on your Career Goals, as those pay a ton of this rare material.

Powering through to Research Labs will unlock Commercial Projects. These will replace the basic upgrades and tech improvements that the labs normally give with an inflow of Kudosh. These projects can vary in length and quality, so make sure you’re keeping a close eye on them. You never know when a really good one will show up!

Career Goals offer the largest payouts of Kudosh in the game at once, though not as much as the Research Labs over time. If you create all of your clubs, for instance, you can get students to join and complete several career goals. Check on your goals and see what your school can afford.

Other than that, you can get small amounts of this resource through random events in the game. Cheeseball Matches, for instance, can supply you with quite a bit of the stuff, as can Talent Shows. If you look out for Bookworms, you’ll get a small amount of it as well.