Ubisoft Officially Cancels Project Q

It’s always disappointing when a game developer builds up an upcoming title only to cancel it later. Ubisoft is no stranger to this, having recently canceled a series of projects. Among those is Project Q, a title the studio announced just last year. The game was shaping up to follow in the footsteps of colorful PvP games like Overwatch and Valorant. The reasoning for this cancellation is supposedly so the company can focus on other projects, including fabled pirate game Skull & Bones. Sadly, this may be among several previously unnamed projects to hit the chopping block.

Project Q is Officially Canceled

Project Q is Officially Canceled

Ubisoft announces multiple titles every year. Project Q was one that started to gain some traction when it first appeared on the internet’s radar. Despite this, the company has decided to officially cancel the game.

As reported in coverage by PC Gamer, the reason behind this is so that Ubisoft can focus on “priority titles,” which may be numerous. This is coming off a conveyor belt of cancellations including several unannounced games. Skull & Bones has been taking the brunt of the punishment as one of Ubisoft’s longest-standing unreleased titles. Presumably these efforts will free up manpower for that game, which has been delayed several times since its reveal in 2017.

Much of the question surrounding Project Q concerned how it would to stand out in a market dominated by Fortnite. During the height of battle royale games, Ubisoft made it known that Project Q was not going to join them. It was going to be colorful and wild with a cast of dynamic characters participating in PvP team-based gameplay. While it still may not have created a massive amount of hype, it was an established entity that many players were watching. With it being canceled, Ubisoft is quickly gaining a reputation as an unreliable game producer.

Project Q may not have broken the mold it inteded to. Still, its release could have proven that Ubisoft is at least able to follow through on what it sets out to create. With such a build-up to the game, it’s disappointing to see it canceled. Only time will tell whether this will actually allow Ubisoft to finish the other titles it has in development. These consistent cancellations are not instilling faith in the company moving into 2023.