Ubisoft’s Upcoming Star Wars Project Is Seeking Playtesters

Star Wars will continue to remain popular for decades to come, especially due to the interesting things happening in gaming. Alongside all the other upcoming titles, Ubisoft has softly announced a new Star Wars game of its own. According to a new job posting, the studio needs playtesters for it. This is unusual, as very little has been revealed about the game so far. All we know is that this will be the company’s latest Star Wars game following the Battlefront series. Although some details have been discussed, the open call for playtesters tells us it’s definitely in the development process.

Ubisoft Star Wars Playtesters

Ubisoft has received many criticisms for releasing games that frankly could’ve used more testing. Star Wars: Battlefront is a prime example. However, the fact that the company is looking for playtesters on its new Star Wars game may be a positive sign. Unfortunately, while the call for playtesters is open for anyone to apply, applicants will need to live near the studio in Malmö, Sweden to be considered.

Though there’s a lot of mystery surrounding this unknown game, the team at GamesRadar delved deeper into it. Massive Entertainment describes it as a “new story-driven open world video game set in the Star Wars Galaxy.”

The unnamed project is in good company following the showcases at this year’s Game Awards. Respawn Entertainment announced a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order called Survivor, expected to release in Spring of 2023. They’re joined by Quantic Dream, the name behind Detroit: Become Human, which announced Star Wars Eclipse with an as-yet-to-be-revealed release date. What all these companies have in common is that they’re focusing on giving players the ability to explore further in the universe while also making their own story or becoming part of a greater narrative.

Ubisoft Star Wars games have had a pretty poor reception in the past. Still, there’s hope for the development of this new one. People can have a part in making it happen and making it better by responding to the playtester open call… and moving to Sweden.