Untamed Isles Crypto Game Cancels Development Without Refunding Backers

Untamed Isles was going to be a 3D monster-taming game with crypto elements funded through Kickstarter. However, despite its success, not only has the development team decided to cancel the project all together, but it will also not be compensating any of those who donated to its campaign. It’s one thing not to actually get the game you believed in enough to invest, but not to get your money back when it tanks is just adding insult to injury… and then rubbing lemon and salt into the wound.

Untamed Isles Crypto Catastrophe

While Pokemon may have started monster-taming, many other successful titles with the same concept have managed to thrive. Because of this, Joshua Grant and the developers at Phat Loot Games decided to work on Untamed Isles. It was a very ambitious open-world game that would also incorporate crypto mechanics so players could potentially earn through playing. The team sought help through crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with a goal of $200,000.00 (NZ). Though it surpassed its goal by over 400 percent, the team has decided to “pause” development claiming overwhelming financial demands. The announcement was made on the project’s Kickstarter page. The team also claims they don’t have the resources to repay all those who donated in the first place.

It was in August of last year that Untamed Isles launched its campaign and quickly gained popularity. From the beginning, the developers had a lot to show prospective backers and players. Taking place in a colorful fantasy world called the Isles, players would take on the role of Tamers. Their main goal is to tame as many of the monsters as they could, called Tames. In addition to collecting and raising Tames, the game would also include a huge PvP component as well as other activities such as gathering, and exploring dungeons. The team also wanted to promote the idea that the game would reward players for reaching milestones and getting achievements in addition to winning battles, highlighting the crypto angle.

Phat Loot Games ironically set out to bring to life a game that they did not have enough fat loot to realize. While Untamed Isles continues its hiatus and backers are left with lighter pockets, this event is another sign of the volatile state of crypto-related content.