V Rising Blood Quality | How Does It Work?

Players have been sucked into the world of V Rising. Taking the role of a vampire in a gothic open world, you must fight to survive. Naturally, that means drinking victims’ blood is a core part of the experience. Luckily for you, there’s a whole system dedicated to blood and its effects on your vampire. These include both Blood Types and Blood Quality. Types are rather obvious, but Blood Quality is a little bit different. Read on to learn how it works.

How Does Blood Quality Work in V Rising?

How Does Blood Quality Work in V Rising?

Like most vampires in fiction, blood is important for survival. If they don’t drink blood, they die. Thus, V Rising has turned blood into a mechanic that will benefit you based on the build you’re running.

There are two factors to how blood works in-game. There’s Blood Type, and then there’s Blood Quality. Depending on the type of victim you feed on you’ll be granted one out of six different types of blood. You can switch from one type to another if you feed on different enemies.

  • Creature – Found on Animals
  • Brute – Found on Heavily Armed Soldiers and Bandits
  • Rouge – Found on Assasins and Archers
  • Warrior – Found on Heavily Armed Soldiers and Bandits
  • Scholar – Found on Magic Users
  • Workers – Found on Farmers and Villagers

Each of these will give you a passive bonus depending on the blood quality. There are five tiers, and each tier grants a new passive bonus. However, feeding off of the same enemy will not cause the quality to stack. So, be wary of who you feed on. If you had a blood quality of 60% and then fed on an enemy with 20%, your blood quality will drop, and your passive buffs will be overwritten.

If you want to see what all the passive buffs are for the type you have, checking the blood pool will tell you what your quality is. There may only be four tiers for each passive, but if you manage to find an enemy with 100% blood quality, all your previous tiers will increase by 30% allowing for a super boost to that Blood Type. Which is great for killing bosses to get new gear.

Choosing a blood type is an integral part of picking a build in V Rising, depending on your playstyle and build, you’ll get more benefits from one type than the other. Regardless, if you’re lucky enough to experience a Blood Moon event, you’ll be able to further increase your power, as your blood passives will be an extra 20% more effective, and your movement will be increased by 10%.