V Rising Max Level | What Is the Level Cap?

When you’re playing an RPG, leveling up is a crucial part of game progression. Some bosses require that players be at a certain level if they aim to stand a chance against a challenging foe. In V Rising, things work a little differently. Instead of having normal levels achieved through XP, this game has a Gear Rating. The gear rating works differently than the normal leveling systems. However, it still has a max level.

What Is the Max Level in V Rising?

What Is the Max Level in V Rising?

The max level in V Rising is set at Level 80. However, you won’t be getting there by killing monsters and gaining XP. The level system is the cumulative score of all of your armor, more in line with classic RPG games. This score is given as your Gear Rating.

To see what your current Gear Rating is, head to your inventory. If your Gear Rating is higher than the enemies, you’ll have an easier time taking them down. However, keep an eye on their health bar, as some enemies with red health bars are going to be more challenging despite the level difference. Another way of telling that you’re under-powered for a fight is to see if the enemy health bar has a skull on it. If that’s the case, you’re under-leveled for this fight.

If you want to achieve the max level of 80, you have a few options. One of them is to craft armor. However, this is more of an early game option when fighting enemies. Your main source of high-level gear is going to come from bosses. Tracking down and defeating fearsome foes will give you some high leveled armor, up to the max level of 80.

While 80 may be the max level in V Rising, there are going to be enemies who are stronger than that. So, despite reaching as high as possible, you’re still going to have to rely on planning, consumables, and your skill to survive.