V Rising Polora the Feywalker | How to Beat

V Rising’s world is a dangerous one, but if you’re skilled, it’s a rewarding one as well. Many enemies and bosses litter the world, and by killing bosses you unlock special crafting recipes and abilities. One of these bosses is Palora the Feywalker.

How to Beat Polora the Feywalker in V Rising

V Rising Polora the Feywalker How to Beat

If you’re looking to take on Polora the Feywalker, make your way to the Gleaming Meadows. It’s on the west side of the Farbane Woods. You’ll see her roaming around the Meadows, approaching her will initiate the boss fight.

Polora the Feywalker is ranked as Level 34. If your armor rating is low, she will be tough to beat. However, you could still have a chance at defeating her, if you’re skilled. If you don’t think you can do it, consider finding better gear before taking her on.

When you start to fight, Polora the Feywalker has two phases for the first and second half of her health.  When she’s above half health,  she will send out a wolf that bounces off walls, three cone-shaped projectiles, and an AOE attack that instills the Fear debuff. Once she reaches her second phase below half health, she’ll spawn in two enemies that will send out a singular version of her cone projectile.

Upon her defeating Polara the Feywalker, she’ll reward the player with some special items. Two abilities, Spectral Wolf and Veil of Illusion. The Vampire Waygate and Golden Floors for your castle, and crafting recipes for Minor Garlic Resistance.

The way that bosses, or V Bloods as the game calls them, work in V Rising, is that they freely roam the open world. Once they’re defeated, they’ll respawn after some time. So you may cross paths with her again!

Polora the Feywalker is a must defeat boss if you’re wanting to take advantage of the game’s fast travel mechanics, as well as use some of her attacks that were used in the boss fight.