V Rising Pristine Hide | How to Get

V Rising’s gothic world allows players to live out their vampire fantasies, as well as letting them explore a medieval world where creatures of the night come out to play. However, its survival and crafting mechanics allow for some interesting ways to come across items. One of these items is the Pristine Hide.

How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising

V Rising how to Get Pristine Hide

The Pristine Hide is one of the main crafting materials for Pristine Leather, and it’s very useful for players as they make armor in the game. Pristine Hides can only be found by killing werewolves around the in-game world.

Finding these werewolves to get a Pristine Hide is already tricky enough, as they only spawn at night. So before you start killing these nocturnal menaces, make sure it’s right as the night begins for maximum time farming. Then, make your way to the southeastern part of the world map, as that’s where werewolves seem to be plentiful. Another, closer place that werewolves spawn is in the Dunley Farmlands.

After acquiring the Pristine Hide from the werewolves, you’re going to want to turn it into Pristine Leather. To do that, you’re going to need a special crafting item. Head out to Mosswick Village, and purchase the Fish Oil. This is going to be the only ingredient you need, but feel free to grab some other items while you’re there.

Once you’ve got the Fish Oil head back to a Tannery, and put in both the Fish Oil and the Pristine Hide, which will then turn into Pristine Leather.

Pristine Leather and Hides are highly sought-after items, and if you’re playing multiplayer, it’s going to put a target on your back.

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